Brother printer – ERROR NAME; typecheck COMMAND; image OPERAND STACK;

I had the problem, that I was not able to print some PDF document containing images. I always got the error message „ERROR NAME; typecheck COMMAND; image OPERAND STACK;“ This is a message from the postscript interpreter in the printer. Therefore, I concluded, there must be something wrong with the printer driver. Indeed, that was the problem.

To get your printer working you have to go to Click on the link resembling your printer’s name. Download der rpm-package for the „LPR Driver“ and for the „cupswrapper driver“. Remove your printer configuration. Install the lpr driver and after that the cupswrapper driver. Add a new printer and let the system detect the printer driver. From now on, you should be able to print PDF documents with images.

If you are unsure that the new driver is loaded, you can make a test print. The print options look a little bit different.

With the former printer driver I could switch to monochrome printing. This does not work with the new printer driver.

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  1. Most printing problems can be resolved by obtaining and installing the most recent print driver available for your particular make and model printer. Most printer manufacturers provide free printer driver updates from their web sites. Additional troubleshooting information can be found within Adobe’s support knowledgebase (Document 316508 for Windows) or (Document 315727 for Mac OS) .

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