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Ecotellia e.U.


Ecotellia accompanies and advises customers as a senior consultant on large rollout projects in the telecommunications industry. The telecommunications industry often uses specialized end customer hardware. Not every returned device is automatically ready for the junkyard. Ecotellia supports the ecologization of the telecommunications industry with refurbishing services and also helps to avoid unnecessary new acquisition costs - true to the motto: "reuse instead of waste"



Languages: Java 11
Technologies: JavaFX
Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux


The Modem Box Labeler software uses modem MAC addresses to generate barcode labels with the manufacturer's name and, if necessary, the model of the modem. This allows the modem to be identified by the barcode even after packaging. The Code128 system is used for barcodes. For printing the label a Brother QL-600 is used.


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