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kabelplus GmbH


kabelplus is a large cable network operator and multimedia service provider in Lower Austria and Burgenland. The kabelplus customers receive high quality at the best possible price-performance ratio. The high-performance network of kabelplus offers cable television in high digital quality and HD quality. Through the use of modern fiber optic technology a stable and fast internet supply as well fixed line telephony and cellular services are provided.



Languages: Java, C#, SQL, PL/SQL, TypeScript
Technologies: Java EE, SOAP, REST
Operating Systems: Windows

itbh accompanied kabelplus through all phases of the "website relaunch" project:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Creation of the requirements documentation
  • Support while negotiations with bidders
  • Product owner in the implementation
  • Acceptance tests
  • Transfer to productive operation
  • Follow-up care

Implementation of the backend systems for and as well as interfacing with OPENService.

Availabilities Query

Language: Java 11, SQL, PL/SQL
Technologies: Java EE, SOAP
Operating Systems: Windows

For kabelplus it is of the utmost importance that visitors to the website can quickly find out which products are available at a desired connection address. To do this, data from various systems must be merged and presented to the user in a form that is as reduced as possible and easy to understand.

itbh designed and developed the necessary systems and interfaces and ensured seamless integration into the existing system infrastructure.

Management Solution for the Expansion of the COAX Network

Languages: Java 8, Dart, SQL
Technologies: Java EE, Keycloak (OAuth2 / OIDC), PolymerDart
Operating Systems: Server: Linux, Client: Browsers on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS

itbh developed a web-based client and a Java EE-based server application to manage the expansion of the COAX cable network.

Rule-based Commission Computation

Languages: Java 8, SQL, PL/SQL
Technologies: Eclipse RCP, Drools
Operating Systems: Windows

itbh developed an application for the automated, rule-based calculation of commissions for sales partners based on the sales documented in the accounting system.

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