Huawei Mobile WiFi E586 with

The Huawei Mobile WiFi E586 is really a great device for sharing a 3G data connection via WLAN. This enables my not 3G capable ASUS Slider tablet to use my austrian bob 3G internet connection.

Unfortunately, the bob-configuration is not available as a default configuration in the huawei device. I had to take these simple steps making the huawei device work with

  1. Insert SIM card and battery as in the quick start guide. Don’t forget to remember the SSID and the key on the backside of the device BEFORE inserting the battery
  2. Turn on the device
  3. Connect to the WLAN with the SSID and key from the backside of the device
  4. Open a browser and navigate to (In my case I was redirected automatically to this location)
  5. Enter the admin console. (The default user and password is „admin“)
  6. Go to „Quick Setup“
  7. Disable „Auto APN“
  8. Next to the field „Profile name“ a link becomes visible to enter profile management. click it!
  9. Disable „Auto APN“
  10. Click the button „New Profile“ at the bottom of the site
  11. A window pops up where you have to set the following values:
    profile name: data.bob
    dial-up number: *99# (should be pre-filled)
    user name: email hidden; JavaScript is required
    password: ppp
    authentication: pap or chap (I chose pap)
    APN: static; set the value to
    IP address: dynamic
  12. Click save
  13. Navigate again to the quick set
  14. Disable Auto APN
  15. Choose the profile data.bob
  16. Finish the wizard
  17. Congratulations, you’ve finished your configuration!
  18. Navigate to the „Connection“ page (link is top left) and click „Connect“. The symbols on the device display as well as the symbols on the top of the page should indicate a data connection

Forget about connecting the device to the computer with USB. It is waste of time!  This way, you can use the device from any form of computer having WLAN and providing a web browser.

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