Skype 4 with Fedora 17 on x86_64

Skype 4 for Fedora is only available as a 32 bit version. Nonetheless, you can use install it using yum. Just download it from (or for a german version) and install it with yum.

yum install skype-

After that skype will be working without audio support. This is, because skype relies on the 32 bit version of alsa-plugins-pulseaudio. You can simply install the 32 bit libraries with yum doing

yum install alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686

Then start skype and check the audio options. „PulseAudio server (local)“ should be pre-selected. After that, make a test call. Audio should now be working.

Addition, 2012-10-17:
If you suffer crackling sound please see

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